The Effect of Curcumin & Vitamin D Supplementation on the Amelioration of the Clinical Status and Cognitive Functions of Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients

Curcumin Benefits For Mediterranean Fever Patients

Curcumin & Vitamin D Supplementation on the Amelioration of the Clinical Status and Cognitive Functions of Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients

Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is an autosomal recessive disorder, characterized by recurrent attacks of fever, serositis, and articular pain. Mutations in the MEFV gene cause inflammation that may trigger cognitive impairment in FMF patients.

The objectives were to identify the effect of an anti-inflammatory diet or supplements containing curcumin and vitamin D on the clinical presentation and cognitive functions of FMF patients. The study included 73 FMF patients, that followed in addition to their regular colchicine doses an anti-inflammatory diet (rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, low in saturated and unsaturated fats and carbohydrates, low in food additives, sugar, fast foods, and processed foods). In addition, to dietary supplementation with vitamin D, curcumin.

Supplement with anti-inflammatory natural sources: Curcumin (turmeric) 10 mg daily and vitamin D supplementation (4000 IU daily) was given for 6 months.

Results: Statistically significant improvement was observed regarding clinical presentation, cognitive functions, CRP, and subjective wellbeing.

Conclusion: Our study highlights the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet in the amelioration of the clinical presentation, cognitive functions, and general wellbeing of FMF patients. We recommend that our findings would be confirmed by a randomized controlled trial.

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