The Right Way to Eat Curcumin and Enjoy All Their Benefits

الطريقة الأمثل لتحقيق أقصى استفادة عند استخدام الكركمين السائل المستخلص من الكركم من قم بشراء افضل كبسولات الكركمين السائل افضل اسعار كبسولات الكركمين بايوبنز

The Right Way to Eat Curcumin and Enjoy All Their Benefits

Turmeric has been used medicinally for more than 4,000 years, as far back as ancient Indian times. Curcumin is one of the active ingredients in turmeric in a ratio of three to six, and it has become famous and spread all over the world as it contains antioxidants that contribute to treating joint infections, muscle soreness, aging diseases, etc.

As scientists continue to conduct medical research on the compound Curcumin, they are still discovering the incredibly powerful effect of Curcumin, acting on multiple pathways of the body simultaneously. It can treat depression, prevent heart disease, increase growth hormone in the brain and treat muscle and joint inflammation, among others.

So how can we get the most out of Curcumin and how can it be used in the right way?

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Difficulty absorbing Curcumin and how can it be overcome?

Despite all the advantages that Curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric – has, the body is difficult for it to absorb, and the reason for this is that Curcumin is soluble in fats and not in the water, and because the digestive system is a watery environment to some extent, this contributes to reducing availability. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb and benefit from Curcumin.

If you want to really benefit from the health-supporting properties of Curcumin, it is recommended to take a high-quality nutritional supplement that guarantees good Curcumin absorption and bioavailability that contributes to the maximum benefit of Curcumin for the benefit of the body.

This is what Biobnz worked on in cooperation with one of the reputable German company in this field. By using German patented technology, curcumin transformed for the powder form into a liquid, which contributed to the possibility of being absorbed by the body 185 times higher than the powdered Curcumin extract in only seventy minutes.

Below we will review some of the ways that Curcumin is easily absorbed by the body in order to get the most out of it and ensure a healthy, good life.

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How to use Curcumin to enhance absorption and bioavailability:

In the beginning, it should be emphasized that if you are thinking about taking Biobnz Super Curcumin, you definitely do not need these many methods to speed up absorption, as they are specially prepared in liquid form to facilitate absorption and stability in the bloodstream, but there is no objection to mentioning some of the common methods used, such as the method of using Curcumin.

First method: Eat it with black pepper:

Black pepper contains an ingredient called piperine, and this ingredient would improve the absorption of Curcumin in the body and also works to provide a good biological environment that helps Curcumin be absorbed by the body to ensure good use it.

The second method: take it with fats:

Taking Curcumin with fats provides a good environment for absorption as it dissolves in fat effortlessly and makes it easier for the stomach and intestines to absorb and distribute its benefits to the body through the blood.

Without taking Curcumin with fats, it will be difficult to absorb it at the specified time and convert it into micro compounds for distribution through the blood to achieve benefit for the body. Therefore, you should take Curcumin along with good (saturated) fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

The third method: eat it after heating it:

To benefit from Curcumin for the benefit of your body and enjoy a healthy life, take Curcumin after heating. It is said: The heat increases the solubility of curcumin (the main active ingredient in turmeric) by 12 times, which contributes to increasing the bioavailability and possibility of absorption and thus benefit from it for the benefit of the body.

The fourth method: take it with foods rich in Corsetin:

Chorine is a flavonoid found in many plant foods such as onions and other plants. These plants, if taken with Curcumin, work to stabilize the enzyme responsible for stabilizing the activity of Curcumin, which contributes to increasing its absorption by the body, achieving the maximum possible benefit from it and ensuring a good healthy life free of pain.


We reviewed why Curcumin is difficult to absorb by the body and what methods can help increase its absorption. It became clear to us the importance of Curcumin, as it contains many benefits that contribute to a healthy, carefree life without pain.

Fortunately, you don’t need all of these methods to help you speed up Curcumin absorption. Biobnz has provided the Super Curcumin product for the first time in Egypt and the world, in which Curcumin has been converted into liquid in capsules that are easy to take with the latest leading German technology, in which the raw material is converted into small absorbable particles at a rate of 185 times more than the powdered Curcumin extract.

Super Curcumin has many advantages, for example:

  • Rapid absorption and effect that stays in the body for more than 24 hours, superior to raw Curcumin extract, which is absorbed by the body in 7 hours and has an effect for only 2 hours.
  • Biobnz Super Curcumin is superior to raw Curcumin extract, as two capsules of Biobnz Super Curcumin are equivalent to 27 capsules of Curcumin extract.
  • Biobnz Super Curcumin has many benefits, as in addition to containing Curcumin in a liquid form in order to facilitate the absorption and the benefit of the body, vitamin D has been incorporated to ensure a healthy, safe and pain-free life.

Hurry up now to purchase the Super Curcumin product provided by Biobnz for the first time in Egypt and the Arab world with the latest German technology to take advantage of Curcumin to ensure a strong, active, and disease-free body.

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