Curcumin in Our Body

Curcumin in Our Body

1-Antioxidant Effect of Curcumin:

It describes that aging and age-related disease are caused by oxidative damage to macromolecules such as DNA, lipid, and proteins. An enhanced lifespan is firmly connected with increased survival under oxidative stress or heart conditions.

2-Effect of Curcumin on Cellular Senescence And Telomere:

Telomeres are the specific DNA–protein structures found at both ends of each linear chromosome, telomeres play a pivotal role in preventing the loss of genomic information. In normal cells that lack telomerase, according to the shortening of telomeres at each cell division stage, the cells undergo senescence and/or apoptosis. Telomere length also acts as a biological clock to define cellular and organismal aging.

3-Effect of Curcumin on Inflammation:

The immune system is a host defense system that consists of a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the organism against infections.

4-Therapeutic Impact of Curcumin And Nano-Curcumin in Diseases of Age Models:

In recent years, numerous investigations have been focused on the therapeutic effect of curcumin and indicated the health benefits of curcumin in age-related disorders. The therapeutic effect of curcumin in age-related disorders is reviewed below:

A- Neurological diseases:

Several studies indicated that curcumin prevents various age-associated neurological disorders.

B- Atherosclerosis:

Long-term administration of curcumin ameliorated increased oxidative stress, decreased the expression of sirt1 in the aorta, increased inflammation.

C- Reproductive Diseases:

Curcumin ameliorated ovarian quality via modulating oxidative status, anti-aging-related. Curcumin treatment up increased ovarian volume and number of follicles related to increased anti-Müllerian hormone and estrogen and decreased FSH serum levels. Curcumin also potentiated oocyte maturation and embryo development with decreased oxidative stress.

D- Skin Disorders:

It was suggested that nanoformulation of curcumin may act as anti-aging and wound-healing formulations.

E- Skeletal Muscle:

Curcumin inhibited aging processes in skeletal muscle through the up-regulation of antioxidant enzymes and directly scavenging ROS.

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