Curcumin VS Multiple Myeloma

الكركمين وصحة العظام من بيوبنز

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is the third most common and deadly hematological malignancy, characterized by a progressive monoclonal proliferation within the bone marrow. Despite all developments and improvements in therapeutic strategies, but MM is almost incurable so far.

On the other hand, Curcumin is an active non-toxic composite, extracted from Curcuma Longa roots. It has been widely studied and included in many types of research and it was confirmed to have a wide range of therapeutic properties, especially anti-cancer, anti-proliferation, anti-angiogenesis, antioxidant, and anti-mutation activities.

Curcumin stimulates the elimination of cancer cells to prevent Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR). With the increasing evidence of the therapeutic properties of Curcumin, it has been confirmed that Curcumin interferes with different signal tracks and checkpoints of MM’s cycle of cells and also with carcinogenic genes.

الكركمين يحارب المايلوما المتعددة (سرطان نخاع العظم )

Schematic representation of Curcumin’s regulated signaling pathways related to multiple myeloma pathogenesis and progression

Curcumin prevents the rapid growth of MM cells as it helps to eliminate them. The results also showed the relationship between these effects and Curcumin’s ability to prevent the operating of NF-KB and the down-regulation of the cyclin D1, IL-6, STAT3 phosphorylation, and BCL-XL expression. Therefore, Curcumin’s anti-tumor activity appears clearly in research.

Despite many successful evaluations, however, further clinical tests are to be made to ensure 100% efficiency, also there are new therapeutical combinations that are being worked on to avoid any side effects or repercussions discovered during experiences and research. We hope to reach a final safe and efficient treatment for all Multiple Myeloma patients very soon.

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