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What are the precaution of usage?

Just like all other drugs, biobnz super Curcumin has a disclaimer that should be followed to the letter, not just for the product to work but also to stay safe. These capsules should not be taken by allergic people nor should you take more than prescribed. So when purchasing the dosage, check the ingredients for anything that you might be allergic to. Secondly, in the case of gallstones, gallbladder disease, or bile duct obstruction, you should seek the advice of your doctor as there are special precautions to be observed. In addition, one should discontinue using biobnz super Curcumin 2 weeks before surgery if any. do not use it if pregnant or lactating Thanks to the German Federal Ministry of Education and research together with Aquanova AG, for developing the Novasol curcumin which has been used to developed biobnz super curcumin, we can enjoy the many benefits of biobnz Super Curcumin without having to worry if it’s bioavailable. It has been proven to be a good alternative to other drugs. Biobnz Super Curcumin, therefore, restores hope for a better tomorrow, and hopefully, there will be continued research following what the drug can do.

Where I Can buy the product?

Please click on this link

How much biobnz super curcumin should I take, and how often?

The suggested dose is 1 softgel once a day. Because our formula is much more potent and absorbable than most curcumin supplements, you don’t have to take multiple doses per day for it to be effective. However, you can safely double the amount and take 1 softgels twice a day (4 total per day) temporarily, or when discomfort is acute. Be sure to take with food, and preferably earlier in the day (breakfast or lunch) so that your body can stay active and metabolize the curcumin properly. Because each individual is different, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life is 24 months. It should be stored at room temperature and away from the sunlight.

Is biobnz Super curcumin Halal?

Yes, the contents of the products is halal certified

Does the product licensed in Egypt?

The product is licensed by the national food safety authority NFSA in 2020, the registration number is 2020/378

How pure is the bionbz super curcumin?

The API is procured from Germany, the facility certified the German authorities. It contains 95% Curcuminoids The manufacturing facility is GMP certified by the Ministry of Health. The product is checked by both Quality Control and Quality assurance to make sure, it is free from impurities and contaminations

What makes biobnz super curcumin unique compared with other curcumin capsules ?

Biobnz super Curcumin was specifically formulated in liquid form using the micellation technology to overcome the low absorption issues people experience with other curcumin supplements. It is 185 more absorbed compared with the traditional curcumin powder, two capsule of bionbz super curcumin equals 27 tablets of standard curcumin tablet. Also it covers 24 hours while others stays in the body only for 6hours. It is also create not upset for the stomach because the absorption time is only 1.1 hours while the standard curcumin tablets needs up to 6 hours for absorption, and it has no piperine as well so no undesirable effect on the intestine or liver.