What makes Biobnz Super Curcumin unique compared to other Curcumin capsules?


  • 185 times better bioavailable Compared with the standard curcumin extract (AUC 24)
  • 453 Cmax
  • 7 times faster absorption (Tmax)
  • Confirmed in gold standard human trial.
  • Peer reviewed scientific journal publication


  • Raw material consists of 95% pure curcuminoids.
  • Highest purity in industry using 100 mesh filter bag prior to final product filling & HACCP compliance.


  • Biogen: Processed curcumin extract of 100% natural origin from Curcuma longa.
  • Natural mode of absorption: No piperine used. Instead: Biomimetic mode of absorption by natural micelle structure.


  • Raw material supply by renowned manufacturers qualified according to ISO 9001.
  • GMP pharma manufacturing of bulk product: Compliance with ICH guideline Q7 for active ingredients regularly verified by TÜV Hessen, Germany.
  • GMP Pharma manufacturing of Finished product: Compliance the GMP, licensed by Ministry of Health.


  • Confirmed in human trial: 6-week trial confirmed safety parameters.
  • Confirmed by nutritional scientists based on 3 human clinical trials.
  • Free sale certificates issued by German authority (Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt) stating conformity with European legislation.
  • Undisputed raw material: Non supply confirmation regarding manufacturers affected by Italian recall in May/June 2019.
  • GRAS status: NovaSOL® confirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS).


  • Licensed by the National Food Safety Agency of the Ministry of Health.
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